Campground Rules:

  • Quiet Hours are between 10PM and 7AM
  • No Loud Music, Barking Dogs, or disturbing other campers
  • No dogs in tents, tied up outside, or left unattended
  • No clothes lines or tarps on tents
  • Burn ONLY wood in your camp fire. No cutting or chainsawing standing green trees
  • Keep the campground neat both during and after your stay. This includes the bathroom and shower as well.
  • Respect your fellow campers. Keep pets leashed and children in your area. No guests or music/noise after dark. If you have a problem with a fellow camper, call us or visit the front desk and we will handle it.
  • All fires must be contained and supervised. Only burn wood, leaves, paper, and charcoal. This is because burning things like glass, metal, and plastic can be dangerous as it leaves fumes and jagged pieces.

Thank you for choosing Kates Fish Camp. We hope you enjoy your stay. We are directly conencted to the Gainesville/Hawthorne Trail. We are also on the Potano Paddling Trail connecting Newnans Lake with Paynes Prairie and Orange Lake. If you have any problem or need anything, please let us know.