Tent & RV Camping

Enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer with a stay at Kate’s Fish Camp.  Call our reservation hotline and reserve your spot today. (352) 372-1026

Daily Price
Tent Camping $20.00 for a tent-site for two, additional campers are $10 ea.
Pull Behinds & Motor Homes prices are determined by class and size:
Call for Pricing.
30 & 50 amp available. All camping includes anytime outdoor hot and cold shower and a public restroom.

If traveling from the south please use Williston Rd exit (exit 382) instead of Micanopy exit due to construction on Rochelle RD

No sewage hookup on site. Dump station available 6 miles away.

Campground Rules:
1. Keep the campground neat both during and after your stay. This includes the bathroom and shower as well.
2. Respect your fellow campers. Keep pets leashed and children in your area. No guests or music/noise after dark. If you have a problem with a fellow camper, call us or visit the front desk and we will handle it.
3. All fires must be contained and supervised. Only burn wood, leaves, paper, and charcoal. This is because burning things like glass, metal, and plastic can be dangerous as it leaves fumes and jagged pieces.

Call or stop by and enjoy and explore the beauty of this unique area of North Central Florida anytime!

182 thoughts on “Tent & RV Camping”

      1. I hope I am reaching Katesfishcamp. I am interested in getting out of st. Pete fl for the weekend. Let’s say Friday morning to Sunday morning. Looking for a tent spot with electric. Do you have availability, and if so what is the cost?

    1. I have a 34 foot 5th wheel camper….looking for a place to stay Dec 28 – 31. Do you have pull thru sites with 50amp service.

      1. We have easy in and out sites but no pull through- We do have 50 amp service and water, Give us a call for more details. 352 372 1026,

      2. Good morning!
        Do you have a spot available May 1st through May 3rd for a 28 ft travel trailer and there will be 4 people camping. If so, what would the rate be?
        Thank you

        1. It’s a beautiful day. We have plenty of room, so you know what I’m gonna say. Come on!! Your rate is 30 per night tax included.

      1. Is 2-3 weeks permissible? I am a student at Sante Fe. As a hobbie I train in Self-Reliance/Survival and would like to get away for a few weeks to hone my skills.

  1. Hello, we would like to stay at your primitive camping from 10-16 August. We are a couple.We are planning to reach you with public transport. Could you please inform us about your availability during mentioned dates as well as include price.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello, Camping is 9 dollars per person per night. There is no public transportation that comes here. The Gainesville bus’s last stop before turning around is about 2 miles from here. We have reserved a spot pending your approval, it is a beautiful site by the water with a view of the lake.

  2. Ok, sounds great! We will arrive 9th of August and leave 16th of August. Above I made a mistake on arrival date.

    See you soon!

  3. Do you have availability for October 16th, 17th and 18th? We are camping in a tent. Two adults (my wife and I) What would the total rate be for primitive camping? And what would the rate be for a site with electricity?

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Please email me as I check it regularly.

  4. hi – we have a 14′ travel trailer – we’d like to have a site on or by the water, is that possible please? do any of your sites have electric or water? – arriving may 9 – departing may 10. thanks so much!

  5. Hi.

    I’m cycling across and will be passing thru on April 16th. Can I please reserve a primitive site for that night?

    Thank you.

    1. We only allow RV parking. We have no sewer hook up, but if you are self contained we have water and electricity.

  6. How close are you to Santa Fe college?? For tent camping , is there electric, water at site?? How about grill and fire ring???

    1. We are about 10 miles to SFC. Tent camping is “primitive” but if you camp close to the building we could stretch you an electric cord. We also have a large communal fire ring!

  7. Hi, We would like to tent camp on Friday night November 27 and Saturday night November 28. Do you have a site available that we could reserve? there will be either 2 or possibly 3 people. ( and we will have our kayak trailer also.) thanks for your help.

  8. We will be coming in Friday, September 11th and would like to stay till Sunday, the 13th. Do you have a spot for our 30′ motorhome close to a fishing spot. We would like water and power but sewer is not needed.

  9. I was wondering if you have any spots available for Saturday, September 12th. It would be for two people in your primitive tent site.

  10. Hello,
    I was wondering if a campsite is available this Friday and Saturday night for 2? If so, is it possible to arrive and depart at hours after dark? (Coming back after the game Saturday night, etc.) Please let me know, thanks!

  11. hi there is there anyway you can send me your sites for travel trailers, preferably on the water…. need electric, also we are coming in from orlando for the gator football game .how far are you from the university ??

    1. We only allow RV parking. We have no sewer hook up, but if you are self contained we have water and 15 amp electricity.

    1. We only allow RV parking. We have no sewer hook up, but if you are self contained we have water and 15 amp electricity and plenty of room.

    1. We only allow RV parking. We have no sewer hook up, but if you are self contained we have water and 15 amp electricity.

  12. I need a place to sleep for a few days in Gainesville. I am interested in tent camping, but will not arrive until later in the evening. Please advise when I must arrive and what we can do if I need to arrive after dark. I will be arriving on 10/29. Thanks

  13. Hi!
    Is there any campsite (water and Electric) close to water for fishing? I would be interested November 24, 2015 for 5 or 6 nights. Rv is 30 foot. Thanks for any information.

  14. Hi!
    My wife and I will go an a bicycle trip, from Miami FL to Anchorage AK, starting February 25. Being Dutch, making a reservation by phone isn’t that easy for us. We will be arriving at Kate’s by March 5 and we’d like to stay for one night. Is it likely that there will be an open spot for our tent (and two bikes)?

  15. Hello,

    I am interested in reserving a campsite for either this Friday the 15th or Saturday the 16th. Is there a maximum number of people who can stay in a single campsite? Please let me know your availability!


  16. Hi there. My fiance and I are getting married March 24th and would like to see if you had a primitive camping spot by the water for March 28, 29, and 30th, please. I have never been camping and he has never been to Florida, so we thought why not make our honeymoon a new experience for us both. Thank you.

  17. Hi there! Do you have a spot available for tent camping Sat,4/30 and possibly Friday 4/29 as well. I would love to come in on Friday night but based on the comments it sounds like I’ll get there too late to set up.

      1. Hi there! I have decided I will not arrive Friday, 4/29 but will get there 4/30 afternoon for one night. There are several of us…do we each just check in and pay as we arrive and set up? What is the cost pp? Thanks!

  18. Hi I am thinking about visiting yall on my vacation for a couple days in june. If I am camping do you have a boat ramp? I will be tent camping and fishing!

  19. Hi I would like to reserve a camping spot for two nights the 11th and 12th. Preferably very primitive or by the water perhaps. Thanks

  20. Hello ,
    I will be looking to tent camp and also in need of electric and water. Are the tent sites private? The last place I stayed , I felt like I was sharing the site with others.

    1. You can choose how deep in the woods you want to camp, so you can be as close to or far from the building (and others) as you wish. We just ask that you come before dark to set up.

      As for water and electric, you can charge your electronic devices for free by the building, and we also have a complimentary bathroom and shower. If this is not enough, you can camp closer to the building for water access and we can drag you a cord for an additional $5 a night.

  21. My wife and I are planning on camping with truck tent Wednesday and Thursday of this week . We would like to rent a small boat and do some lazy fishing . Is this possible ? If so what kind of fish can we catch there this time of year ? Thanks Greg .

  22. Is there parking near tent camping? If not, how far would I have to haul all my stuff from the parking lot to the tent? Thanks!

    1. We have several areas to choose from depending on how you prefer to camp. We have spots closer to the bathroom/parking lot, all the way to deep into the woods/near Newnan’s Lake. You decide where to set up.

  23. Looking for a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday site for Jan 13-16. I need a place not too far from showers/restroom, and preferably not in high traffic as we have young children.

  24. Hi,

    We are up in Jacksonville and plan on coming down this weekend to tent camp. We plan on staying Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th if available. I would like to reserve a spot off of the foot traffic path, but not too far from the restroom, if possible. It will be just me and my young daughter. I would like to have a power cord to the site if possible. We are also interested in renting a canoe for a half day as well. That saves us the hassle of loading ours onto the SUV. We are really looking forward to experiencing a new place.

  25. Hi there! We would be interested in camping for two nights with ya’ll, Feb 3rd-5th. Tent camping with two well behaved dogs. Do you have availabilityRe?

  26. Hi! I would like to reserve 1 tent spot (with electricity) for 3 people for the weekend of March 3rd – March 5th. A riverside spot, if available, would be awesome! Do you have any availability? Thanks! Maggie

    1. That is fine, but the electricity is $5 extra for tent campers and it is provided via an extension cord so you must be reasonably close to the building (water spots are farther away.) We offer free electricity for charging devices by the building, however.

      1. OK, great! I think having a site by the water is more important than electricity! 🙂 Can you reserve a spot for me or is it easier to call and reserve? Thanks!

  27. Really miss you guys. Many a great time on the water and visiting with you. climate change reaches up here. perma frost melting in many areas. need to be carefull where you land, or plane gets stuck in mud. Fun watching the drunken moose near the dump and bears rummaging thru the trash. Take care Bill W

  28. Hello there, I hope I’m reaching Kate’s fish camp. My husband and I are planning on arriving there on April 26th and staying until May 4th in a tent, do y’all have a spot available?

    1. We have plenty of room for tent camping, we only ask that you get here before dark and when you leave be sure the property looks like it did when you came.

    1. We have a very large area for tent campers to choose from. We have a grassy area near the building which is close to the bathroom/shower/wi-fi/electricity, we have a woody area that has access to the waterway/campfire pits, and we have a more secluded densely wooded area. Typically we only fill up during holidays or major events like Gator Nationals, so even if you don’t camp in the dense woods, you won’t have to look far to find a secluded location.

      1. Great! do you have any spaces still available for this weekend? and you say in the woody area there is access to waterways/fire pits. can you have a fire at each campsite, or is it just a large communal fire pit?

  29. Hello,

    I am currently out of the country or else I would just call! But I am wondering whether it would be possible to camp with you for a two week period in July…say the 18th to the 31st?


  30. I would like to tent camp with my husband and 3 children. I see that the price is $9 per person. Does that include the children or do you have any age cutoff?

  31. Hi, my name is Matt Thomas. I would like to book a tent campsite for Saturday September 16th. Please let me know if you can accommodate this. Thank you!

  32. Hi, we’re looking for somewhere to go on Memorial Day weekend with our small 15′ A-frame camper. Normal 15 amp electrical via extension cord is no problem. How is it there over that weekend usually? I know most places get kinda party-ish. I just don’t like to be packed tight with other people camping.

  33. I was wondering… is it $9 per night per primitive camper and only $20 per night for a pop up? How many people can be in the pop up site. Also, are there any primitive sites near the pop up sites?

    1. Yes, $9 per person primitively camping. Pop-up campers are $20 and after 4 people it’s $5 per extra person. There’s tons of space for tent camping and pop-ups to coexist neatly next to each other!

  34. We are thinking of coming RV camping June 22 & June 23 with our 28′ pull behind camper. Some questions we have:
    1. Are all campsites dry now?
    2. How’s the bugs this time of year?
    3. Can we have a fire in a fire ring at our site?
    4. Do you have john boats or other small boat available for rent?
    5. Are pets allowed in rental boats?
    6. Do you have a map of your campsite layout?
    7. Where can we fish?

    Sorry for all the questions. :-]

    1. 1. Are all campsites dry now?
      It is raining now but the puddles dry up fast.

      2. How’s the bugs this time of year?
      They haven’t been bad at all this year.

      3. Can we have a fire in a fire ring at our site?

      4. Do you have john boats or other small boats available for rent?
      Boats, canoes, and kayaks, no motors,

      5. Are pets allowed in rental boats?
      You get 1/2 price rentals when you camp here.

      6. Do you have a map of your campsite layout?
      No, but you can do a GOOGLE image search for “kates fish camp” and there are loads of pictures. You can also find out most of this by reading the comments.

      7. Where can we fish?
      Most anywhere except by the rental boats.

  35. Hi Question, I have a friend who lives in Williston. Her 7 month old son just finished his bone marrow transplant and treatment at Shands. They have to stay within a certain amount of miles from the hospital and Williston is too far. She has a pull behind camper that she is looking to park and stay in until the hospital clears them to go all the way home. Would this be something she could pay for a small spot with your camp? We have been searching campgrounds but all we can seem to find are places with mobile homes and not like an RV spot or Camper spot to rent and if so, what would that cost?

    1. Hello Julia,
      I am happy to help, we can offer her a spot with electric, water for $ 120 a week.
      We offer a bathroom and shower, wi-fi, and are less than 10 minutes from Shands, one of the Best in the country!
      If you need more information we can be reached at (352) 372-1026
      Thank You, for contacting us today.

  36. Hello my name is Francine and my birthday is on Aug 9th and that’s the day i start my vacation to and was really interested in coming there to go camping from aug 10th to 13th what all would it cost and what all do we have to do to get nice spot it would be me and my other half i am looking at a few campgrounds at this time trying to find a great place and good prices look forward to hear back from you thank you it looks beautiful up there need a break from st Petersburg fl

  37. Hi…my husband and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary and are looking for a very private campspot for October 6,7,and 8th…do you have anything? ??

  38. Hi, a few questions.
    For primitive tent camping is it $9 per person and we bring our own tent (aka we are just paying for a spot on your land)?
    Is the bathroom close to the camping sites and are there showers or just toilets?
    Can we park next to our camping site?
    Can we bring our own grill?
    Are there trails to hike?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your interest Alexa, You can camp near the shower and restroom and office, but there is so much more land to explore for a real camping experience. Most of our sites are accessible by car and you can park by your site. Bring what you like except your dog, we don’t allow dogs in tents. Oh, and yes we have trails, We have a paved bike, and many hiking, and a 7-mile canoe trail. So bring your toys, build a campfire and have a great time, its mandatory.

  39. Do you have to pay the extra $10.00 a person over two people if the others are children? I only have one adult and 4 children ages 10, 6, 4, and 11 months.

  40. I called your facility on the 3rd and was told the camping sites were too muddy. Is this still a problem or can I book? Please let me know!

    1. It’s getting better and there is no rain in the forecast, so you know what I’m going to say, Come on let’s go. We do have water and 30/50 amp hook-ups and a 2 week limit on most stays.

  41. Hi,
    I am interested in staying Saturday April 20, 2019 for one night. We have a pop up camper. Do you have any available sites?

  42. Hello, I’m wanting to take my kids camping. How much would it be for a primitive site with 1 tent (a small 3 person tent) for 1 adult and 2 kids? Also, how much would that be if we got a site with electric and water?

    1. starts at 20 dollars per night for 2 people. We charge ‘by the person’ so it is an additional $10 per person thereafter.

  43. Hi – We have a 24ft class C RV. Do you have a water+electric site available for Fri 2 Aug arrival thru Sun 4 Aug departure?

  44. Hi, I am a Retired Army Disabled Veteran, want to reserve a Tent site for myself and 2 Sons age 8 and 10 for Saturday November 9th, One night please.

    1. no cabins, but there is a company that will rent you a motor home and delivers it to your campsite. call 352 440 4469 and ask for Noah.

      1. Thanks, I currently live at Ruby`s Fish Camp in Pensacola Fl. I am looking forward to fishing, camping and racing on my vacation this year. See you in march.

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