Woodsers, Events & Parties

If you would like to rent out Kate’s Fish Camp for your event, please call (352) 372-1026 for availability.

Call or stop by and enjoy the beauty of Newnan’s Lake any time!
(352) 372-1026

10 thoughts on “Woodsers, Events & Parties”

  1. Hey Kate Fish Camp,
    I wanted to inquire about having a possible day retreat/woodser with my friends and I on March 19th. What are your prices for such events?
    Monica Duran

    1. Some time around 6:00am. We open at daylight everyday, but you can call ahead of time and let us know if you need to be here earlier!

  2. I am a 100% Disabled Florida Veteran of the Viet Nam era. Single. No pets. just officially retired and I am looking to relocate from the tourists of SW Florida to central northern Florida. I am looking for a place I can live out of my Pop-up camper while I research property/houses in the area. Do you offer weekly and possibly monthly rates?

    Thank you

    1. 20 dollars per night, one night free per week if paid in advance and Veterans will receive an additional 10% off. We do have a 2 week limit on your stay. Give us a call at 352 372 2026

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